Bioperl-guts: ...sick of 0.04...

Ewan Birney
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:06:21 +0000 (GMT)

make dist works off MANIFEST and doesn't pick up lots of
things (like - the examples etc...)

I committed steve's changes into cvs and then redumped and rebuilt
the distribution. I just tar things up from teh top level directory (works
fine for me...). 

The files I committed steve were bioperl.pod, and
They look like the only changes in the distribution...

Brian - 

it looks as if the 5.003 thing will have gone for you but you will
still have to manually remove the use POSIX thing. The POSIX thing
is part of a module I think we should blow away as soon 
as possible, but we can't do that for this distribution....

stevec - btw, you don't give read permissions on your home dir in bioperl.
I had to become root to pick your stuff up...

anyway - the new 0.04's are up at

both the tar file and the zip file.

Please god, let this be the last time I make the distribution.... time soon?... today...?

Ewan Birney

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