Bioperl-guts: target points for 0.5

Ewan Birney
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 12:13:34 +0000 (GMT)

I think we should start discussing what we want in for 0.5, and
once we have figured this out, who does what ;) Here are some ideas:

New code:

	- Entry and SeqFeature stuff from Ian Korf

	- EVD fitting code from me

	- Abstract DB layer + simple indexing (me)

	- Structure object (?)

Old code issues:

	- Starting a separate SeqIO type modules to move formatting code
	 into there (deprecating but not removing the formattign code in 

	- Doing something sensible with the SimpleAlign and UnivAlign

Code maintaince / stability...

	- More test code (can we ever have too little?)

	- A way of ensuring a fixed API (like a special test)

	- NT and MacPerl ports/howto documents


	- a FAQ document (we have a volunteer for this right!)

	- ?? cleaning up 

Web Site/scripts

	- I tihnk we need a concerted effort to get more scripts
together so that people can see that serious things can be done with

	- ? success stories pages on the web site.

We should make sure that we don't take on too much for 0.5 but still
progress and not stagnate. As always - please drop your $.02 in so 
we ahve some feeling for what people want done.


Ewan Birney

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