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Chris Dagdigian
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 10:15:13 -0500

Steve etc.--

 Sorry about the permission problems in the html/ area, I'll make sure
 that the production website is writeable by the bioperl group.
 Also- be warned that not all of our website is under CVS control...the
 areas that get updated by cron jobs and perl scripts are not part
 of CVS...thus any attempt to delete the website and refresh it with
 a 'cvs export -D now html' would be a _bad_ thing :)
 I'll let you know my secret for hacking on the website:
 o I keep a private copy of html/ in my home directory
 o There is a 2nd apache webserver listening on port 81 that
   has its document root set to my development web area
   ( )
 This way I can make changes and updates without messing up
 the production site. When things are all set I do a 
 'cvs commit' to register the changes and update the datestamp.

 After commiting I do a manual 'cp' command to copy the new/altered
 files into the production website area.
 If there is interest, I can move the development site out of
 my home dir and put it in a more central place. Then multiple
 people can work in there prior to commiting changes and
 moving the files to the production area.
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