Bioperl-guts: REMINDER: ISMB sign-ups (fwd)

Ewan Birney
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 15:47:24 +0100 (BST)

Just to remind people who signed up as developers at ISMB... we will be
expecting code (or at the very least, excuses) from you this fall, so I
hope you are going to be working away at figuring out how you want to

Chris has put up a status page at

To remind you in this email, this is what you said you would do:

aaron - lead the 0.5.2 bug fix release
	get the new simsearch agent/processor/result system working for
stevec - do psi blast support in the current blast system
wolfgang - do swissprot AnnSeqIO support and taxonomy
ralf - publication object
Adam moore + Keith Neil - figure out XML support
Bobby O - figure out database persistence
Kris Boulez - The bioperl cookbook
george hartzell - lead the alignment discussion.

I *am* looking forward to people just committing code and also making
proposals on the list for the more complex stuff. Get stuck in.

(BTW - I am serious about flying over and standing over you in person to
make you do stuff!).

Ewan Birney

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