Bioperl-guts: remember to use CVS via SSH

Chris Dagdigian
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 14:42:11 -0400

Hi folks,

our box has been rejecting and logging a largish amount of connections to
the rshd daemon on

Rather than assume we are getting more portscans than usual, I think
the increase is due to our new users trying out CVS commands without
using SSH as the transport. 

CVS uses remote-shell (rsh) commands by default and we have blocked
that type of access for security reasons. The only way CVS will work
remotely is if it is tunneled in via SSH.

Info about getting CVS to play nicely with SSH1 and SSH2 is available
on our website in the web page.

The primary thing that is needed is an environment variable 
CVS_RSH that is set to 'ssh'. That should do the trick unless
you are behind a firewall like I am :)

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