Bioperl-guts: The BioPerl Cookbook: some thoughts/questions

Kris Boulez
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 13:55:53 +0200


At the ISMB meeting in Heidelberg I accepted/proposed/... to work on a 
project called 'BioPerl Cookbook' (for those of you who don't know: the 
name is choosen after the 'Perl Cookbook' a very good book written by
Tom Christiansen en Nathan Torkington in which they give solutions to
small Perl problems).

After having thought about how I would construct such a book / what to
in / ... , I concluded that I first need an answer to the following 
questions before I can really start.

- What is the intended audience for such a BioPerl Cookbook (BPC)? Do we 
expect the people readin this to have a no/limited/average/advanced/...
level of Perl (or programming in general)? 
Do we aim this at a biologist who has some knowledge about programming
(but knows little or no Perl) or do we aim at an experienced programmer
who has been asked by a biologist to code something.

- Shouldn't the BPC also be some sort of Camel ('Programming Perl') for
  BioPerl, as there isn't a real complete overview of the different
modules and how they interact (there is a start of this in 'perldoc

- Should the BPC contain a (short) introduction to OO (see also the
  first question)?

- I see the BPC as a replacement/extension/... of what is now in
  scripts/ and examples/ . Any comments?

_ Does someone has a (good) idea for a real world problem that could be
included in the BPC?

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