Bioperl-guts: cookbook module?

Kris Boulez
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 20:57:50 +0200

Quoting Aaron J Mackey (
> On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Ewan Birney wrote:
> > Perhaps we should put hte cookbook in its own cvs module "space" 
> > (like my XS is - or should be once I do it!).
> Not sure about this one - I think for a book it's vital that the "group
> effect" be minimized - i.e. a very small number of people should actually
> add and edit the content, to help ensure consistency.  I like the idea of
> Kris managing our submissions and integrating them as he sees fit.  He'll
> of course be providing snapshots for us to look at and critique ...
How to keep my versions in sync, was also one of the questions I was
thinking about (I'll work on this from probably three machines, which
aren't in the same network at all). I don't know CVS well enough to know
if it is possible to have a separate "space" where only limited people
have write access, but the rest has read access.
If this isn't possible I was thinking about using rsync/ssh to my home
dir on (a poor man's, one person version of CVS).

> > Maybe examples should
> > move there as well.
> I think the examples should stay with the main trunk (but that doesn't
> mean the book distribution shouldn't have a "release" snapshot of the
> examples directory).  It's nice but not critical for code snippets in the
> book to exactly match the examples/ working code (lots of publications
> point you to their website where you can find updated, bug-fixed versions
> of their examples).
I'll create a web page about the outline of the BPC shortly. But one of
the goals certainly is that the code is extracted automatically from the
'book' and put in (a subdir of) the examples/ directory.

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