Bioperl-guts: cookbook module?

Aaron J Mackey
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:31:37 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Kris Boulez wrote:

> I'll create a web page about the outline of the BPC shortly. But one of
> the goals certainly is that the code is extracted automatically from the
> 'book' and put in (a subdir of) the examples/ directory.

See, this is where I disagree.  I don't think the code in the examples/
dir should be automatically extracted from anywhere; I think the code in
the book should reflect (mimic, even plagarize) the code in examples/, but
from a development viewpoint, the code in examples will be susceptible to
bug fixes, tweaks, etc that, IMO, need not be mirrored in the cookbook
"after press".  Updated in the BPC, 2nd edition, sure (where applicable),
but one cookie at a time.


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