Bioperl-guts: cookbook module?

Ian Holmes
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:41:12 -0600 (MDT)

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Kris Boulez wrote:

> It's not yet clear to me wether a real 'release' ("going to press") is the
> best way to go, or if a continous updated book is beter. The 'release'
> of a book has the advantage of having a real deadline, which forces you
> to clean everything up and make it publishable. A continuous version of
> the book has the advantage to be able to follow the development of
> BioPerl more closely, while it might become more 'fragmented' with
> certain portions getting more attention then others.
> As I do expect a lot of changes/additions to BioPerl during the coming
> year(s), I was more inclined to the 'continously evolving' version of
> the book. It is in this light I saw the automatic extraction of the
> examples/ directory. But I'm certainly open to comments/suggesions in
> either way.

Unless I'm missing something, surely you'll have to go to press at some
point anyway - which would suggest that the best way to develop a
continuous-update strategy would be to let it evolve organically, *after*
you've done at least one release of the book.

books and deadlines tend to go hand in hand..


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