Bioperl-guts: cookbook

Kris Boulez
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 10:17:14 +0200

Quoting Ewan Birney (
> My $.02 is to
I thought you counted in pounds and shillings :)

> 	a) write in latex. latex in emacs is fine for me but your
> milage may vary ...
The problem is that I haven't done anything in latex yet (anyone knows a
pointer to a good introduction/tutorial ?).

> 	b) run it off a separate cvs module from bio.perl but
> mainly so that you can coordinate 'home' and 'office' work. I do this
> routinely. Not that many other people should play around with the cvs
> module than kris / anyone who is helping kris
That sounds a good idea.

> 	c) write a script (? extend a POD:: module) to extract the pod
> documentation from the .pm files so that you can have a reference section
> at the end.
I will look into this.

> 	d) have a semi-firm deadline for a 0.1 type release of the book.
> I would suggest the 0.6 release of bioperl, which is *at least* 2 months
> (if not longer) away.
The idea of a (semi-firm) deadline makes sense after a night of good

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