Bioperl-guts: reimplement or refactoring

Fri, 30 Jul 1999 18:31:19 -0700

  Refactoring is a new buzz word that's buzzing around the net, but
hopefully it has some substance.  To refactor means to make changes to the
code that instead of changing functionality, improves the structure.  Things
like removing duplicate code, choosing move descriptive names, reorganizing
classes.  The idea is to support a learn as you go approach.  Refactoring
lets you keep the good parts of your code and eliminate the mistakes.  And
mistakes are inevitable since we don't know the future.

  I dug up a white paper:  Styles have changed, so the terminology may be
different from when you took CS.

ISBN: 0201485672  is a book on refactoring.

Should we give refactoring a whirl?


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