Bioperl-guts: Installing New PreRelease 0.05

Steve Chervitz
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 23:35:38 -0800 (PST)

Chris Dagdigian writes:
 > >>> Greg Colello <> 03/22 3:02 PM >>>
 > >  I also get some errors with make (some of these were in 0.04 also):
 > > /usr/bin/pod2man: Unrecognized pod directive in paragraph 119 of
 > > <SNIP>
 > The pod2man error messages are I think what we were telling people
 > to ignore. These are basically typos in our documentation that trip
 > up the pod2man processors in some versions of perl. These are things
 > that we weed out as time permits but new ones get introduced all the
 > time as we update the documentation. These also fall into the class
 > of "annoying but totally harmless" error messages.

One problem is that some of the pod docs are written for pod2html
which uses an extended set of tags compared with pod2man. For example,
pod2html recognizes the =head3 directive but pod2man does not. So, to
get rid of this error, we'd have to agree not to use the enhanced
features of pod2html (no!). Another problem is that some perl code
samples within pod sections confuse the pod2man parser because they
can look like mangled pod directives. This is just a nuisance.

 > >>What about these hash messages (also in 0.04)?
 > >>
 > >>make test
 > <SNIP>
 > The "odd number of elements in hash" message is more serious
 > in nature and we need to track down what is causing it. If you
 > don't hear anything in a few days about this, you might want to
 > submit it as an official "bug" via our tracking page at

This warning doesn't indicate lost fuctionality and is not too
serious, but we should look into it.

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