Bioperl-guts: jitterbug auto bug notification turned on again

Chris Dagdigian
Tue, 04 Apr 2000 10:12:14 -0400

Hi folks,

For some reason the "send email to the guts list" option was
turned off on our jitterbug tracking system. I have just enabled
it again.

This means that new incoming bug reports will be CC'd to
this list.

The downside is that every action we take to move or
edit things in jitterbug often results in an email being
sent off to the guts list as well. This is generally not
a good thing for our signal-to-noise ratio.

For those of you who have username/passwd access
to the bug repository and plan on making changes or
moving bugs from "incoming" to "fixed" or whatever
please turn off the email feature temporarily before you
begin your work.

How to turn off the notification feature
(1) login to jitterbug as a valid user

(2) go to the "incoming" folder. At the top of the bug table
there will be a form field called "Notification" that should have
the guts email address pasted inside. DELETE THIS EMAIL

(3) email notification is now disabled :)

When you are all done with maintence features please
go back to the "incoming" folder and put the guts
email back into the form field. Do not forget to submit
the form to save your changes.

We have not upgraded the jitterbug software in a long time. I
may end up installing a new version over the next few days and
will send another email if the features are significantly different.


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