Bioperl-guts: Commits, 4th pre-release

Ewan Birney
Fri, 31 Mar 2000 09:04:45 +0100 (GMT)

I have fixed all the bugs I could from Peter's list. I have also merged in
bug fixes from Derek and George Hartzell. Documentation has been updated.
Two new tests have been added. It all seems to check out nicely.

We have a contributors file in the distribution now.

Kate - the new you wrote doesn't work cleanly. To get this
to work we need to write a SeqIO->array of lines bridge (which some people
want generically anyway). Apologies I could not get it in for
0.6. Something for 0.7

The 4th 'goddamn-it-last' pre release (4) is up on the ftp site

Chris and I are talking about web site being ready over the weekend. This
is from my perspective the final release, but giving us some leeway for 
last-minute bug spots. I also have to do CPAN package and distribution.
Tags for the release are likely to go in tomorrow.

NB - A priority for 0.7 is to bring Ian Korf's BPLite package in. We have
to have a blast parser which is more maintainer friendly. Steve's code
works but only steve can debug it which is bad news. 


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