[Bioperl-guts-l] [Bug 1656] TreeIO::nexus is parsing out tree names, but never storing them

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Thu Jun 24 10:36:43 EDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From jason at open-bio.org  2004-06-24 10:36 -------
Will fix as you have said it was an oversight to not stored this (and the fact that we don't write out a tree 
id with any of the supported formats for writing).

Can you also post a MrBayes tree which doesn't have the branch lengths printed properly - I see them 
fine in MB 2.01

# Fix - $2 should be in newick format (according to the nexus
# standard), but MrBayes does not print colons before branch
# lengths that occur after brackets...
my $tree_str = $2;
$tree_str =~ s/\)([\d\.]+)/\):$1/g;

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