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Hilmar Lapp lapp at pub.open-bio.org
Sat Apr 16 20:52:44 EDT 2005

Update of /home/repository/bioperl/bioperl-live/t
In directory pub.open-bio.org:/tmp/cvs-serv22955/t

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Log Message:
Added the GraphAdaptor modules by Nat Goodman that make SimpleGOEngine work
with Graph.pm versions 0.2x and 0.5x. Thank's Nat.

--- NEW FILE: GraphAdaptor.t ---
# -*-Perl-*-
## Bioperl Test Harness Script for Modules

# Before `make install' is performed this script should be runnable with
# `make test'. After `make install' it should work as `perl test.t'

use strict;
    # to handle systems with no installed Test module
    # we include the t dir (where a copy of Test.pm is located)
    # as a fallback
    eval { require Test; };
    if( $@ ) {
        use lib 't';
    use Test;

    eval { require 'Graph.pm' };
    if( $@ ) {
	    print STDERR "\nGraph.pm doesn't seem to be installed on this system -- the GO Parser needs it...\n\n";
	    plan tests => 1;
	    ok( 1 );
	    exit( 0 );

    plan tests => 18;

use Bio::Ontology::SimpleGOEngine::GraphAdaptor;

my $g=new Bio::Ontology::SimpleGOEngine::GraphAdaptor;
my $graph_version=( defined($Graph::VERSION) && $Graph::VERSION >= 0.5 )  ? 'new' : 'old';
my $adaptor_class=$graph_version eq 'new' ? 
  'Bio::Ontology::SimpleGOEngine::GraphAdaptor' : 'Bio::Ontology::SimpleGOEngine::GraphAdaptor02';
ok (ref $g, $adaptor_class);

my @v=$g->vertices;
ok (@v==1 && $v[0] eq 'vertex0') ;

my @e=$g->edges;
ok (@e==1 && $e[0]->[0] eq 'vertex0' && $e[0]->[1] eq 'vertex1') ;

ok (@e==1 && $e[0]->[0] eq 'vertex0' && $e[0]->[1] eq 'vertex1') ;

ok (@v==1 && $v[0] eq 'vertex0');

ok (@v==1 && $v[0] eq 'vertex1');

ok (@v==1 && $v[0] eq 'vertex0');

ok (@v==1 && $v[0] eq 'vertex1');

ok ($g->get_vertex_attribute('vertex0','ATTR0'),'vertex0_ATTR0');
ok ($g->get_vertex_attribute('vertex0','ATTR1'),'vertex0_ATTR1');
ok ($g->get_vertex_attribute('vertex1','ATTR0'),'vertex1_ATTR0');
ok ($g->get_vertex_attribute('vertex1','ATTR1'),'vertex1_ATTR1');

ok ($g->get_edge_attribute('vertex0','vertex1','ATTR0'),'vertex0_vertex1_ATTR0');
ok ($g->get_edge_attribute('vertex0','vertex1','ATTR1'),'vertex0_vertex1_ATTR1');

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