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Thu Feb 15 16:35:12 EST 2007

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Add back per sac's request...

--- NEW FILE: Utilities.pm ---
# PACKAGE : Bio::Root::Utilities.pm
# PURPOSE : Provides general-purpose utilities of potential interest to any Perl script.
# AUTHOR  : Steve Chervitz (sac at bioperl.org)
# CREATED : Feb 1996
# REVISION: $Id: Utilities.pm,v 1.39 2007/02/15 21:35:10 cjfields Exp $
# STATUS  : Alpha
# This module manages file compression and uncompression using gzip or
# the UNIX compress programs (see the compress() and uncompress() methods).
# Also, it can create filehandles from gzipped files. If you want to use a
# different compression utility (such as zip, pkzip, stuffit, etc.) you
# are on your own.
# If you manage to incorporate an alternate compression utility into this
# module, please post a note to the bio.perl.org mailing list
# bioperl-l at bioperl.org
# TODO    : Configure $GNU_PATH during installation.
[...1198 lines suppressed...]
    create_filehandle represents functionality that was formerly buried
    within Bio::Root::IOManager::read().

2 Dec 1998, sac:
  * Removed autoloading code.
  * Modified compress(), uncompress(), and delete() to properly
    deal with file ownership issues.

3 Jun 1998, sac:
    * Improved file_date() to be less reliant on the output of ls.
      (Note the word 'less'; it still relies on ls).

5 Jul 1998, sac:
    * compress() & uncompress() will write files to a temporary location
      if the first attempt to compress/uncompress fails.
      This allows users to access compressed files in directories in which they
      lack write permission.

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