[Bioperl-guts-l] [Bug 2224] Bio::SeqIO::swiss : Weak references are not implemented

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Mon Mar 5 10:38:59 EST 2007


------- Comment #4 from cjfields at uiuc.edu  2007-03-05 10:38 EST -------
cecile's problem may be related to this:


I did notice (in relation to this) that Scalar::Util is not a core module in
perl 5.6.1, the minimal version we currently support.  We probably haven't had
any complaints since most users have perl versions > 5.8.  Looks like it was
added circa perl 5.7.3:

perl -MModule::CoreList -e 'print

We should consider either (1) adding this to the dependencies and continue
supporting perl 5.6.1, (2) supporting a min. version of 5.8 or above, or (3)
removing any use of weaken()/isweak().  I support either of the first two
choices; it's a valuable module to have around.

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