[Bioperl-guts-l] [Bug 2018] Bio::ClusterIO::dbsnp breaks with new XML output

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Mon Mar 19 18:06:57 EDT 2007


------- Comment #14 from mjohnson at watson.wustl.edu  2007-03-19 18:06 EST -------
Hmmm.  Maybe a bit of XSLT to go between the two formats and a new format
option for Bio::ClusterIO would do the trick?  The downside would be adding a
dependency on an XSLT engine...I used libxslt from the Gnome project via
XML::LibXSLT back in the day.  Writing the XSLT would be the hard part...my
XSLT kung-fu never was much good, and it's *very* rusty now...if NCBI has such
a critter, maybe they'd cough it up?

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