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Thu Oct 6 08:38:52 EDT 2011

Issue #3300 has been reported by Lizhe Xu.

Bug #3300: Installation problem with ppm

Author: Lizhe Xu
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Target version: 

I tried to install Bioperl-run 1.00600 with ppm v4.01 in ActivePerl version on my WinXP machine but got the following error message.
ERROR: Can't extract to C:\DOCUME~1\lxu\LOCALS~1\Temp\ppm-jidlU0/BioPerl-Run-1.006000_001.0.0/blib/man3/Bio::Factory::EMBOSS.3 

I posted a help message on perlmonks.org and got an answer: 
I would have thought that can only be a packaging error. 
As far as I know there is no way to name a file with embedded colons: Bio::Factory::EMBOSS.3 on Windows. You should probably report the problem to whichever repository you downloaded the package from. 

I got similar error message for BioPerl-db and BioPerl-network as following:
ERROR: Can't extract to C:\DOCUME~1\lxu\LOCALS~1\Temp\ppm-7IxeVZ/BioPerl-DB-1.006000_001.0.0/blib/man3/Bio::BioEntry.3
ERROR: Can't extract to C:\DOCUME~1\lxu\LOCALS~1\Temp\ppm-XR5LjG/BioPerl-Network-1.006000_001.0.0/blib/man3/Bio::Network::Edge.3
Please help. Thanks.

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