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Chris Dagdigian
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 12:32:08 -0400

 Hi folks,

 The new can be found at

 The HTML version of the pod docs is at:

 I was able to implement most of Georg's suggestions, however:

 - I've given up on trying to use ReadSeq via bidirectional piping.
   perhaps someone with stronger perl skills can integrate readseq
   into this module with a litle more elegance :)

 - I was not able to fix/play with the dup() method which is still
   broken at this time.

 - I've added methods for out_pir(), out_genbank() and out_primer(),
changed the POD and moved quite a bit of stuff around. I've left other
notes scattered throughout

 Happy holidays.

 Chris Dagdigian

[I will be away at a meeting in NYC from Dec 26 - Jan 1. ]

  Manifest of /bioperl/
  ---------------------------------------------------------                  current module code              previous module code
  Seq.pod-docs.html       the pod2html translation of              module test script       test script for output methods

  testSeq.out             STDOUT from running
  testSeq.err             STDERR from running

  testSeq_layout.out      STDOUT from runing

  sample.tfa              Sequence files used by test code