Tcl/Tk, error handling, Perl Conference

Steven E. Brenner Steven E. Brenner" <
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 16:57:27 -0700 (PDT)

> Regarding Tcl/Tk (cf. SteveC's recent post), 
> I've just found the following in the Perl Module list:
> Tcl            RdcO  Complete access to Tcl                       MICB
> ::Tk           RdcO  Complete access to Tk *via Tcl*              MICB
> Does anybody have experience w/ this module ? Any opinions ?

I'm consfused about the relevance of this.  I'm not sure why we would want
to use either... 

> There's currently a thread at comp.lang.perl.modules,
> ``To die() or Not to die()''. It's _very_ relevant for the
> discussion we've had; you can look it up via

Tom Christiansen seemed to be in favor of exceptions w/ die(), juding from
his talk.

I wasn't able to find this on -- how should I locate it?

> SteveB: What are your impressions from the Perl Conference ?

The conference began with Tim O'Reilly's introduction.  Basically it seems
that ORA is going to try to push Perl much as Sun pushes Java.  This was
followed by Larry Wall's talk. He got a standing ovation when he walked in
and moderate applause afterwards.  I think that may have been indicative. 
Consensus opinion seemed to be that the Perl Programming and Web tracks
were generally too basic (though some of the Apache stuff was
interesting).  The Win32 track was too advanced (i.e., it told you how to
use cool features unique to Win32 rather than just showing what doesn't
work on Win32 and what's different).

Larry Wall's announcement of a Perl-to-Java compiler basically consisted
of Larry saying that his project of the moment was a Perl-to-Java

My presentation went ok; I wasn't entirely happy with my performance, but
I didn't make any really stupid mistakes.  I was surprised by the number
of very positive comments I got from attendees, especially press.  My
impression is that they thought the talk was petty interesting despite not
really understanding it.