Bioperl: Re: FYI: Error:: Perl module

Steven E. Brenner
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 13:53:08 -0800 ()

> I think Joe Ryan's recent suggestion about a Blast:: module 
> name space makes alot of sense. My module would be more appropriately named 
> since it has no methods for executing BLAST runs. My 
> module also relies on two helper modules which could go in this name 
> space.

I think it should be Something::Blast, as there are other analogous
routines for sequence comparison result parsing and processing.

Indeed, my routines for FASTA, SSEARCH, MSP-CRUNCH, BLAST, WU-BLAST,
BLAST2 and PSI-BLAST all rely on common code and are in one single module
(called Grit::AlnParse)

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