Bioperl: BioPerl Development, PreSeq, some questions

Thu, 18 Dec 1997 11:25:03 -0500


I recently started a job in the Bioinformatics field.  Our work is going to
involve some Perl programming, so I was thinking of creating a sequence class
(and others as well) until a co-worker wisely checked the Web to see if others
had already started on such a task.  This is how we found out about BioPerl.

I get the impression that PreSeq has been absorbed into the Bio::Object
hierarchy and that the version found at Steven Chervitz's site is the most
up-to-date and the one to use.  Is this correct?

I'm curious as to what's going on currently with the BioPerl project.
Ultimately I'd like to get involved, but am currently in the 'orientation'



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