Back (for now) (fwd)

Steven E. Brenner
Wed, 2 Jul 1997 21:48:27 +0900 (JST)

> > I talked to Alex Whittaker from SmithKline Beecham (UK) who expressed alot 
> > of interest in the Bioperl effort. He indicated that SKB may be able to 
> > offer some support for additional Bioperl work, possibly including 
> > sponsoring a meeting. He himself has an AI background and does a fair amount 
> > of work in Perl (but not much OO work yet). We should stay in touch with 
> > him. 
>   As a note, I think that we probably shouldn't work too hard to get money
> for a Bioperl meeting.  What we need much more, at this point, are more
> designers and coders.  If the companies could encourage their employees to
> help, that would be far more valuable.  (I'd much prefer Chris's
> contributions to a meeting!) 

  Just to clarify, in case I sounded too brusque:  I think the idea of
support just about any form is great!!  I certainly agree we should keep
in contact with Alex Whittaker and see what he (and SKB) can offer the
bioperl project.  However, as priorities run, I consider development
assistence to be more valuable right now than a meeting.