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Thanks for your mail ! I'm sending this to our internal mailing 
list as well -- hope that's ok.

> Dear Georg,
> thank you for your message. I am well aware of your work on
> BioPerl, and I think it is an exellent idea to have such a library. To
> use or not to use this or similar libraries depends on the particular
> project and also on the particular user. I personally made it a policy
> many years ago that everything I am doing long-term I have to write
> myself to avoid dependance. For example, even the small database used by
> PEDANT I wrote myself instead of using rdb, and it has proven to be a
> good idea given the amount of small details I had to incorporate. I
> now have massive problems with BLAST2 for HP-UX, and have to wait
> weeks until Warren Gish finds a minute to debug for me. So, I can only
> regret not being able to write my own BLAST ;-).
> However, for many things that are being done here at MIPS such a
> library would be extremely appropriate. I will notify the folks here
> and encourage them to try it out. Also, I think that at some point it

Would be great!! The code is currently in beta, and we'll bundle it
for CPAN during the next few weeks.

> would be nice to organize a seminar about BioPerl and related work. 

We're planning a meeting, yes:-)

> I have subscribed to your mailing list! Please keep me posted about
> your developments.

Will do -- vsns-bcd-perl-announce will be informed about all major 
releases, etc.

best wishes,

> Best regards,
> Dmitrij
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