Tcl/Tk, error handling, Perl Conference

Georg Fuellen fuellen@dali.Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 19:03:37 +0000 (GMT)

Hope your travels are over now..
I hope that we can finally release something in October... ??!!
We absolutely need to have a strategy/plan for _resurrecting_
Bioperl -- it looks kinda dead ! (Although personally my own code for
my PhD research has been getting along well recently;
it starts paying off, and I'm no longer as much behind as I used to be.)

SteveB wrote,
> > Regarding Tcl/Tk (cf. SteveC's recent post), 
> > I've just found the following in the Perl Module list:
> > Tcl            RdcO  Complete access to Tcl                       MICB
> > ::Tk           RdcO  Complete access to Tk *via Tcl*              MICB
> > Does anybody have experience w/ this module ? Any opinions ?
> I'm consfused about the relevance of this.  I'm not sure why we would want
> to use either... 

Don't worry -- not an important issue.
> > There's currently a thread at comp.lang.perl.modules,
> > ``To die() or Not to die()''. It's _very_ relevant for the
> > discussion we've had; you can look it up via
> Tom Christiansen seemed to be in favor of exceptions w/ die(), juding from
> his talk.
> I wasn't able to find this on -- how should I locate it?

SteveC found them -- I think you can just type in
``To die() or Not to die()'' as a search string.
> > SteveB: What are your impressions from the Perl Conference ?
> The conference began with Tim O'Reilly's introduction.  Basically it seems
> that ORA is going to try to push Perl much as Sun pushes Java.  This was
> followed by Larry Wall's talk. He got a standing ovation when he walked in
> and moderate applause afterwards.  I think that may have been indicative. 
> Consensus opinion seemed to be that the Perl Programming and Web tracks
> were generally too basic (though some of the Apache stuff was
> interesting).  The Win32 track was too advanced (i.e., it told you how to
> use cool features unique to Win32 rather than just showing what doesn't
> work on Win32 and what's different).
> Larry Wall's announcement of a Perl-to-Java compiler basically consisted
> of Larry saying that his project of the moment was a Perl-to-Java
> compiler.

Not very encouraging... Hope there will be a release soon!!!!!!!!!!
A release (and the quality of it) is all that counts..

> My presentation went ok; I wasn't entirely happy with my performance, but
> I didn't make any really stupid mistakes.  I was surprised by the number
> of very positive comments I got from attendees, especially press.  My
> impression is that they thought the talk was petty interesting despite not
> really understanding it.

Did any press articles result out of this ?

> Steve

best wishes,