Using Netscape as the `GUI' ?!

Georg Fuellen fuellen@dali.Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 10:52:42 +0000 (GMT)

Hi bioperlers,

Does anyone have pointers/recommandations for me if I want to 
use Netscape/InternetExplorer as the GUI for my OO Perl code 
(i.e. Bio::UnivAln and Bio::Phylogeny development code) ?
I've just found ``A Java Front-End To CGI/Perl'', URL which outlines the problem
in detail, and the solution offered there seems to come closer
to my needs than anything else, but it still doesn't allow to
keep perl running (in some way) between calls to the CGI.
I understand that CORBA would allow the connection to stay
open -- are there no other acceptable ways ?

Chris wrote,
> Hi Georg,
> Yep I'm still alive and kicking. I was out of the 
> country for a while and when I got back to 
> work I was buried under a bunch of unix system 
> administration and GCG database curation issues. 
> Just this week my job has returned to a more normal state.
> I will actually be attending a CORBA/Java workshop at 
> Netgenics in Cleveland Ohio next week 

This is very interesting !!
Using Netscape as the `GUI' is currently one of the most important goals
for my research project code -- among the options avoiding all these 
temporary files seem to be Perl-CORBA (see  )
Perl->Java->CORBA (which would nicely improve the GUI capabilties as well)
and iHTML (soon in O'Reilly's Web development kit).
Also, at the Perl conference ``A Java Front End to Perl CGI''
and ``Perl Hosted on Java'' were discussed 
[the Web-archive of this list has a new URL, it's now at, no longer at] )

Please report back to us on the results of the conference :)

best wishes,
Georg Fuellen,
Univ. Bielefeld, Research Group in Practical Comp. Science

> along with Steve Chervitz. We should be able to get some good 
> discussion going on ways to 
> improve and release the Bio::Preseq stuff.
> Regards,
> Chris Dagdigian