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greg heil
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 17:08:21 -0800

At the end of November Gunther posted a note to the perl-xml
list (hosted by noting some
negative commentary on this list about the speed of XML as
a data format. i think that commentary on XML, and some
alternative/extensions (BSML and BIOML), was summed up in
Lincoln Steins post

Gunthers remarks prompted some informative discussion by the
developer of XML::Parser, Clark Cooper and others. Perhaps well
summed by
unfortunately the above note is only viewable by members of the
perl-xml list (which it is trivial to become) a netiquette
thing. i am cc'ing this to Clark the author, perhaps he will
forward his excellent comments on performance tuning.

Basically his point was that good perl application code will
get good speed results. The underlying C Expat parser by
James Clark should be fine if properly accessed, and the
XML::Parser gives full access to it.

i would be interested if there were further thoughts to
XML or some extension of it...

greg heil
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