Bioperl: hardware for
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 16:49:20 -0400

Grabbed some surplus hardware from a storeroom at work today.

It's a DEC 486-DX2 50mhz machine with 32MB RAM and a 1.2GB drive
once I get a CD drive and confirm the network card works I'll do
a minimal install of Linux, Apache and perl and stick it on
my home network as

I'm planning to stay an extra day in Hinxton after the OiB
meeting. Depending on Ewan's schedule we may be able to get
a CVS code repository up and running for some of our common

By the time I get permission to move the computer onto
the corporate internet connection (outside our firewall) we
should have all of our naming issues resolved regarding or possibly having to register
on our own.

If anyone has a unused pentium sitting around that they
would like to donate then please let me know :)

Also- if anyone on this list has experience with installing
or using CVS (across the internet) for distributed perl
software development then please speak up! 

Chris Dagdigian
Genetics Institute
Cambridge, MA USA

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