Bioperl: Bio::Tools::Blast vs. Bio::GSC::Tool::Blast
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 14:17:36 -0400

I like the idea of having multiple blast modules out 
and about in the public domain. Different BLAST modules do
different things-- such as the ability do do a
networked search at NCBI etc. etc. Different people
need different functionality.

Thinking long term convergence would be nice but right
now there is an urgent need to give individual researchers
access to powerful and simple perl tools that can
get their particular job done.

Module naming problems aside, it would be nice to collect and
archive various "best of breed" Blast (and Fasta!) modules on one
website that has clean and accurate descriptions of what
each module can and cannot do. People can then download
the module that is most appropriate.

Perhaps at ISMB'98 and the Objects in Bioinformatics meeting
we can discuss these issues? I feel that there does need to
be some effort at creating a core or basic "object" that we
can build tools around but I also want to make sure that
the best/useful tools are available ASAP in the public domain
for those that need them.

I also think that it's time we registered the ""
domain name :)

Chris Dagdigian
Genetics Institute, aka AHP or AHP-Wyeth or AHP-Wyeth-Monsanto or
whatever our name is this week.

PS- If anyone is going to be in Boston for the CHI Bioinformatics
conference drop me a line.

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