Bioperl: Bio::NCBI

Lincoln Stein
Wed, 6 May 1998 13:53:31 -0400

Hi Everyone,

I've recently been in contact with NCBI's Lewis Geer, who confesses to
me that in his free time he's been working on an XS style Perl
interface to the NCBI toolkit libraries.  This would be neat because
it would give us native access to BLAST searches, pubMed retrievals,
and so forth, and the problem of parsing the output of other tools and
Web pages would suddenly disappear.

Is anyone working on such a project?  If not, I'd like to propose a
new Bio::NCBI namespace for these modules.  Also, there appears to be
some disagreement at NCBI on whether such an effort is useful
(unredeemable C programmers dominate there, and they have yet to
appreciat the beauty of Perl).  If people think this project is a good
idea, it would be helpful to make some enthusiastic noise about it so
that Lewis can have something to go to his superiors with when 
argues for moving the project up in the priority list.


Lincoln D. Stein                           Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory			                  Cold Spring Harbor, NY
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