Bioperl: Truely working pre-release of bioperl

Ewan Birney
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 22:06:56 +0000 (GMT)

After some months of sweat we now have a single distribution of 
bioperl which installs cleanly from the distribution and as far
as we (perl guts people) know, works as advertised.

You can download it from

it is bioperl-0.03.tar.gz 

(The version number is meaningless - it is just tracking the number
of different trial distributions I have been making from the CVS

Unzip it, untar it (it makes a directory called bioperl-0.03) and
read the README. That should be enough directions to get it built! 
(I hope...) 

We are working towards a formal 'work-in-progress' release of
bioperl which will be announced by Steve Chervitz when it is
ready. For the moment what we need is a number of people to 
try out the distribution, in particular the installation 
procedure and the first 'getting starting' scripts. Comments on
how to make the documentation clearer and any bugs in the 
installation are very welcome. Please send them into the guts

Ewan Birney

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