Bioperl: BoulderIO version 1.10 available

Lincoln Stein
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 15:29:48 -0500

Hi All,

I've just made version 1.10 of BoulderIO available on my Web site at

New things that it does:

	- an easily-parsed representation of GenBank/EMBL records,
	complete with tools for searching and retrieving from local
	and remote databases.

	- an easily-parsed representation of BLAST and FASTA results,
	complete with a tool for converting the WU version of BLAST
	into this representation (sorry, NCBI and PSI-BLAST versions
	coming), and a simple tool for performing M X N BLAST

Also, if anyone is interested in ACEDB connectivity, look into
AcePerl, which provides scriptable access to local and remote ACEDB
databases.  It's a lot easier than dumping .ace files.  See



Lincoln D. Stein                           Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory			                  Cold Spring Harbor, NY
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