Bioperl: article for Dr. Dobb's Journal

Lincoln Stein
Fri, 9 Oct 1998 12:14:18 -0400


Thanks for taking care of the attachment problem.  Unfortunately my
real e-mail reading machine is in the shop, and I'm back to the
pre-MIME tools in vanilla emacs.

I'd rather the URL remain among us for the time being.  I'd be
embarassed at the draft getting distributed in its current form.


Chris Dagdigian writes:
 > Hi folks,
 > Not sure if it was the list-server or my company mail
 > gateway but Lincoln's article arrived in my mailbox
 > as inline uuencoded text which my mail software failed
 > to recognize as an attachment.
 > For anyone else who had a similar problem, I put the tarfile
 > and the contents up temporarily on for those
 > who wish to read and comment.
 > You'll have to email me for the URL since I'm not sure
 > how "public" Lincoln wants his draft to be.
 > Regards,
 > Chris Dagdigian
Lincoln D. Stein                           Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory			                  Cold Spring Harbor, NY
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