Bioperl: Reading from a stream into Bio::Seq

Gordon D. Pusch
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 11:34:15 -0600

Ewan Birney <> wrote:

> Are you looking at the CORBA stuff at all?

No, although Ross Overbeek and I have discussed CORBA privately on a
number of occasions, and conluded that it seemed more complicated than
we really wanted to get into at this time.

Our current ambitions are much more modest --- we just wanted a common,
easily-parsable metafile-format that would support the most important
features and data-types that were of interest to the KEGG and WIT projects,
and could be easily translated to each of our local internal representations.  
a hierachy of HTML-like ``container-objects'' seemed like a reasonable 
model to start from --- and once we realized how much what was evolving
looked like XML, we decided to make it standard-compliant --- which would
(theoretically! :-) gain us the additional advantage of easy extensibility
if (i.e., =when= :-) we decided to support new features...

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