Bioperl: BioPerl - BIOML discussion
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 16:51:46 +0000

As a result of the comments in this group and several off-line 
discussions with both Posters and Lurkers to the group, the BIOML 
Document Type Definition has been updated and refined, as well as the 
documentation for the language. I would like to thank all of the 
people who wrote in comments and made suggestions: a good language 
has to be made from as many points-of-view as possible. The new DTD 
and improved language definition documents can be found at

The updated version of the language includes a set of 
straight-forward mechanisms to simplify the task of extending the 
language by local definitions of chosen entities. This mechanism is 
particularly useful for the inclusion of new element attributes.

Please direct any comments to Ronald Beavis 

Ronald Beavis
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