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Ewan Birney
Sat, 6 Mar 1999 09:40:17 +0000 (GMT)

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999, Steve Chervitz wrote:

> Greetings Bioperlers,
> The web site has just been updated to incorporate an
> overview and prioritization of Bioperl projects. The new material
> helps to answer the "Where do we go from here?" question. All new
> pages are accessible from the directory and are
> outlined at the following URL

Just to expand to steve's opener a little bit -

	Steve and I wrote most of this last weekend (in fact last
saturday) but we were heavily influenced both by the uses of bioperl 
which we were aware of and people who have worked on it - in particular
I'd like to mention Ian Korf's original Bio::GSC objects for sequence
annotation/feature (still the best out there at the moment) and his
Feature object he made for bioperl, and also Aaron Mackay and James
Gilbert for the work they have done respectively on DB's and flat file
indexing, which cleared up alot of the design for SeqDB (access to
sequence databases).

	The design pages are meant to help us (in the first place me and
steve, but we hope that other people working on the code or contributing
find them useful). Of course, they are going to be much much more helpful
when people contribute back - thoughts or use cases or errors are all
useful. People who want to actually help on the implementation are very
welcome, in particular people who are starting - lightweight analysis
modules are probably a great place to start (eg, a module to calculate
MW from a sequence object). These are really nice, self contained

	I'd like to point out in particular that we have design problems
for the sequence annotation object (heavyweight object, or Entry object).
I am coordinating that project, so any thoughts are very helpful, in 
particular use cases (I need xxx functionality...).

	Anyway - do join in the discussion. I am looking forward to
hearing your views on sequence analysis.

> As always, we invite any opinions and suggestions regarding the
> material at this web site. Please direct you commentary to the Bioperl 
> discussion mailing list at 
> Cheers & have a good weekend,
> Steve Chervitz
> Ewan Birney
> Chris Dagdigian
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Ewan Birney

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