Bioperl: Q: extracting upstream regions

gert thijs
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 11:43:10 +0200


I have 2 questions:
- Is there a FAQ or manual available on the bioperl distribution?
- I've written some perl-scripts to split dna sequences in windows and to
search for consensus sequences. but now I like to extract the upstream region
of a gene form a sequence. In my current script I have to fill in the postion
of the start codon of each gene in the sequence and I us this position to
extract the region of interest. But this is a very complicated way of working,
especially if I would like to work with larger data sets. As I'm not used to
the bioperl distribution, I cannot find the if there are usefull procedures in
bioperl. Can someone give some hints? (if there's a positive answer to the
first question I probably will find the answer two the second question myself

Gert Thijs

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