Bioperl: bioperl support for latest BLAST web interface?

David J. States
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 16:25:01 -0500

Hi Jonathan,

Are you volunteering to write this? :)

It is pretty clear that the new server format breaks older scripts.  Before
someone puts lots of time and effort into writing a new perl interface, it
would be worth getting some feedback from NCBI to see if they want to
encourage links to the BLAST servers.  They are getting hit pretty heavily,
and there is no BLAST equivalent to the "Linking to Entrez" page.  If they
don't want to support external script driven interfaces, there is not much
point in writing the perl module.  Or alternatively, if they are willing to
help out a bit, it could make this a much more durable and reliable

What's the word NCBI?


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On Thursday, October 21, 1999 5:04 PM, Jonathan Epstein
[] wrote:
> .. NCBI has changed the Web BLAST interface so that you have to
> go through another intermediate queueing screen to get your result.
> Will the current BioPerl BLAST software work in the current NCBI Web BLAST
> environment?  If not, what is the timeframe for availability of such

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