Bioperl: Working pvm app in perl

Mr P.A. Van Heusden
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 15:09:00 +0100 (BST)

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Aaron J Mackey wrote:

> On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Mr P.A. Van Heusden wrote:
> > What does a 'ldd' of the show? Can you check all of the libs
> > mentioned by ldd by doing a 'nm' of them and grepping for 'stat'? It
> > should exist in one of them.
> centurion161: /home/ajm6q/perl/lib/site_perl/i386-linux/auto/Parallel/Pvm
> > ldd
>         statically linked
> That's all it says.

This is wrong - I'm almost 100% sure about that. That file should be
dynamically linked. Which version of Linux do you use?

Also, could you tell me what the output of 

perl -e 'use Config; print $Config{'dynamic_ext'},"\n"'


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