Bioperl: New list management, bug fixing rules

Ewan Birney
Sun, 9 Apr 2000 23:43:32 +0100 (BST)

Firstly noone has complained about moving the discussion onto this list.
This means that the guts list should only be for:

	a) automatic notification from bug list
	b) automatic cvs notification (I'll activate this soon)
	c) cvs branch management for people working on moving bugs around.

*Everything* else - all the new module "xxx" proposal or "I have made the
following fix" type mails should be directed here. I'll move mails
over here if they are inappropiately posted...

This should mean that alot of people will want to unsubscribe from guts.

Secondly - Jason and Elia - it is great to see you both fixing bugs
on the branch, but you have to be careful about using the mail address. Do
not reply to all addresses - you submit a new bug. Also - if you are doing
alot of bug rearrangement, switch off notification to guts and then email 
a precise of your work, in this case to guts.

Thirdly - Branch/Main trunk ettiquette:

	Reminder -

	The branch is *only for bugs*. Anything that looks like a feature
goes on the main trunk. Now we have anonymous cvs, main trunk code is very
accessible for people who "must have feature xxx". The absolute goal of
the branch is 0 bugs. 

	- so far we have kept to this. 

	People who work on the branch *should clear their fixes* on this
list first. Post here, wait 1 day and if there is no complaints, fix on
the branch. 

	Finally - the people who do a fix on the branch are responsible
for migrating the fixes onto the main trunk. There will no longer be a
global cvs merge. I have noticed that this is the way most other projects
work and I think it is better (comments anyone?)

	I notice that I have actually broken all three rules (bad Ewan!)
and I will be migrating a raft of fixes from the branch into the main
trunk this week - I hope -

Happy bioperl'ing. BTW - many thanks for the people who have mailed me
about the 0.6 release - it is great to have positive feedback. Feel free
to mail to the list as well.

Ewan Birney. Mobile: +44 (0)7970 151230, Work: +44 1223 494420

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