[Bioperl-l] unfinished gsequence in examples

L.Pollak lorenz@ist.org
Wed, 09 Aug 2000 02:45:55 +0200

hi to everyone!

i have just checked in my example program (you know, the protein control
panel thing)
but: it is not finished yet!! Just commited it because from tomorrow on
i will be
on vacation for about three weeks and so i thought that some of you
could have a 
look at it in the current stage, so that you can tell me what
modifications and/or
extensions i should implement to turn it into a useful tool...

you'll need the gtk-perl libraries installed.

that's what you can do at the moment:

* open a swissprot file (bioperl-live/t/roa1.swiss is a good choice :-)
(for others: it will only read the first entry in a file)
* choose some entries in the "specs" menu and edit whatever you want
like db links, references, features
* save the swissprot file under another file name
* import a sequence from GenPept

and remember: thats an alpha-alpha version!! :-)

kind regards,