[Bioperl-l] Question for Bio::SeqIO::scf.pm

Kwon Tae-Joon linusben@bawi.org
Sat, 12 Aug 2000 00:16:03 +0900

I'm interested in bioperl project..

Nowadays, I made a perl code to treat the SCF files,
not only the sequence info, but also the quality and sample info.

In the near future, I will made another code to convert this file format
to chromatogram graphic file using GD.pm....

But, if I made another module for bioperl, such as SCF.pm, 
I guess that it can conflict to the current scf.pm module under SeqIO.
And new one is not suitable under SeqIO category, because it does not have
onle Sequence data..

Anyway, It's my first time to attend the bioperl project, so I don't have sufficient
understanding for this project policy, even though I read some docs.

Please let me know how can I contribute to bioperl with my SCF.pm module..

PS. The current scf.pm module help me a lot, so I'd like to be a co-author for new one
with Aaron Mackey and Lincoln Stein, if possible..