[Bioperl-l] BOF

Andrew Dalke dalke@acm.org
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 08:12:01 -0600

 Hilmar Lapp:
>Yes, I agree. Has anyone of you seen e.g. the Khoros workspace for image
>and data analysis? For those who haven't, Khoros (www.khoral.com) is a
>package of a whole bunch of modules (libraries) and programs for various
>tasks in image (and, more general, data matrix) analysis. 

When I looked at it (admittedly about 4 years ago so my memory can be
faulty) it didn't handle non-image data very well.  I like arrays, up
to 5 dimensions, of simple data types.

>I guess (I even know) that there are other visual programming tools
>implementing such a concept, too. 

My preference these days would be to look at OpenDX (www.opendx.org)
which is IBM's open sourced Data Explorer.  I know it can handle
structure visualization since that's what Cornell did.

Another option (costs major $$) is AVS.  That's what Scripps uses
in-house for structure visualization.

I think they can be useful and would like to experiment with them.
Just haven't had the time so far :(