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gidon gidon@gidon.com
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 12:27:05 -0400

How about PDL (Perl Data Language)
That's an add on that lets you manipulate
matrixes in perl very quickly.


There are some neat demos of imagery done with it, too.

Andrew Dalke wrote:
>  Hilmar Lapp:
> >Yes, I agree. Has anyone of you seen e.g. the Khoros workspace for image
> >and data analysis? For those who haven't, Khoros (www.khoral.com) is a
> >package of a whole bunch of modules (libraries) and programs for various
> >tasks in image (and, more general, data matrix) analysis.
> When I looked at it (admittedly about 4 years ago so my memory can be
> faulty) it didn't handle non-image data very well.  I like arrays, up
> to 5 dimensions, of simple data types.
> >I guess (I even know) that there are other visual programming tools
> >implementing such a concept, too.
> My preference these days would be to look at OpenDX (www.opendx.org)
> which is IBM's open sourced Data Explorer.  I know it can handle
> structure visualization since that's what Cornell did.
> Another option (costs major $$) is AVS.  That's what Scripps uses
> in-house for structure visualization.
> I think they can be useful and would like to experiment with them.
> Just haven't had the time so far :(
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>                     dalke@acm.org
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