Khoros/DX/GUI was [Bioperl-l] BOF

Nirav Merchant
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 09:26:19

It would be wonderful to have a GUI like DX, specially the ability to
generate your own DXMacros to extend the GUI.

I personally like the VI [virtual instrument] interface in Labview [
National Instruments], similar to DX but with a Visual Basic twist.

The fragment assembly system we support/develop [FAKtory] has a interface
for defining a pipeline and stages. Check the screen shot at:

May be we should consider this as a topic for discussion  in
SanDiego..possibly writing a "bioinformatics/bioperl" plugins to such

My 2c


>My preference these days would be to look at OpenDX (
>which is IBM's open sourced Data Explorer.  I know it can handle
>structure visualization since that's what Cornell did.