[Bioperl-l] Testing 0.7 on NT

Shailesh L Mistry Shailesh L Mistry" <shailesh_mistry@jawssystems.com
Fri, 1 Dec 2000 17:17:59 -0000

Hi All,

Finally got wincvs working on NT (thanks to Mark for that, also thanks to Hilmar
for offering to help out).

I have downloaded the main branch and a few problems have shown up with the
So far I have only checked the error in blast.t which occurs due to
Bio/Root/Utilities.pm (line 955).

The alarm function is not supported in ActivePerl 5.6 Build 620 and hence gives
an unsupported error. Anyone else know of a way round this? A temporary solution
is to check for the unsupported message and if $^O is windows related then it
carries on but gives a warning to say that the alarm function is not supported
on NT yet.

All other problems with the tests files will be looked into after the 12th of
December when I get back from my holiday so no more emails from me till then.

Have fun.