[Bioperl-l] proposal Bio::SeqIO::largefasta

Hilmar Lapp hlapp@gmx.net
Mon, 04 Dec 2000 09:49:18 -0800

Jason Stajich wrote:
> I have written a simple SeqIO adaptor for reading in a large sequence
> in fasta format (ie Jim Kent's golden path representation of a
> chromosome).  This uses Ewan's more memory efficient
> Bio::Seq::LargePrimarySeq implementation for large > 100 MB seqs.
> Assumingly those using this module had their own ways of pushing sequence
> into this object, hopefully this implementation will be useful.
> Before I check it in, this okay to commit as part of 0.7?

Sure. I know you'll add a test script for it (code both new and untested
is probably inappropriate for the new release).

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