[Bioperl-l] Alignment::Clustalw and Bio::RootI

Murad Nayal murad@godel.bioc.columbia.edu
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 10:22:32 +0100

I am trying to do something that I probably shouldn't. I am trying to
combine some 0.7 modules, specifically Bio::Tools::Alignment::Clustalw
and support modules, with the current 0.62 release. one immediate
problem I have encountered is that Clustalw inherits from Root::RootI
(not from Object). However RootI in 0.62 does not have a new method (it
does in 0.7). (hence I can't instantiate a Clustalw).

the questions:

1- is Root::Object being phased out?

2- how foolish is it to start mingling 0.62 and 0.7 objects. I really
need a clustalw wrapper and don't want to write one since it is already
available in 0.7. I suppose if I replace RootI 0.62 with RootI 0.7, then
0.62 objects (which inherit from Object) will hook into Object methods
while 0.7 objects (really just Clustalw and co) will access the RootI

3- how many times can one say object in one sentence and still have it
mean something.

many thanks for the feedback.

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